Travelling all the way from Down Under, where the sharks, snakes and spiders roam, a little lady called Coral Lee who is 5ft 2 (and yes, her eyes are blue) braved the cold winter winds to record ‘The Weather Vane’ at the famous Lightning Recorders studio in Berlin, Germany.

Coral Lee‘s dazzlin’ third album features 14 tracks full of suspicion, vampires, heart, the cosmos and beyond, all delivered with a distinctive 40s/50s and even a little early 60s sound of rock’n’roll, rockabilly, swingin’ country and blues.

Many, many hours of hard work, sweat, tears and mostly love went into creating this album, which stars some of Germany’s finest musical talents including Axel Praefcke, Ike Stoye, Michael Kirscht, Ike Goodtime and Gregor Gast.

Be sure to strap your kicks on tight because this album will have your toes tappin’ though day and night! We prescribe a dose of Coral Lee’s ‘Lover Man’ to boost your energy and make your body swing and sway. The rest of the album will make you bop, stroll, lose control and some songs may even make you want to sink like quick sand into your couch. You‘ll never know what could happen until you try it for yourself!

‘The Weather Vane’ is brought to you by Rhythm Bomb Records.


Coral Lee · The Weather Vane